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39190 Paseo Padre Pkwy,
Fremont , CA 94538 UNITED STATES

About Prashanti Art Gallery

Where Fun, Creativity, and learning happens all at one place. Small kids age 5 to 7 years have tons of fun with creative art projects and full of imagination where they start developing interest in Art.

Age 8 to 10 years will be more towards fundamentals which includes descriptive drawing concepts, Structured cartooning, color management, sketching and shading techniques, Painting effects etc.

Age 11 to 15 years will be in intermediate level where they have choice to learn their favorite medium and subject. We teach over 12 different subjects for teens.

Teens and Adults have different workshops on different subjects. Teens have opportunity to join our AP Art portfolio creation workshop where they can create very interesting portfolio to submit in high school if they are planing to take AP Art.

Intention Behind this Institute

This is Fine Art teaching Institute where we create path for new generation to get confidence and right methods to learn art so they can make good choice for their career in future.Teachers are very professional and well trained according to all level curriculum.


Prashanti Art Gallery 510-374-2752
39190 Paseo Padre Pkwy,
Fremont , CA 94538 UNITED STATES
Prashanti Art Gallery

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Prashanti Art Gallery

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