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15 km from the center of Yerevan,
Yerevan , ARMENIA


The main objective of the clinic and its doctors is to focus on achieving long-term, complete recovery rather than short-term sobriety. Complete recovery ensures a good quality of life. We do not simply aim to "code" our patients because this approach does not lead to long-term improvements in quality of life. A person who has been "coded" may temporarily cease using psychoactive substances, but they will still experience suffering, cravings for alcohol and drugs, depression, and possibly aggression towards loved ones. On the other hand, our rehabilitation program enables individuals to transform their personality, and their relationship with the world, and socialize while maintaining a drug-free and happy life. This is our ultimate goal.

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15 km from the center of Yerevan,
Yerevan , ARMENIA

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Hospitals and Medical Centers
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