NY Martial Arts Academy Astoria

NY Martial Arts Academy Astoria

Martial Arts in Astoria, NY

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25-06 Broadway,
Astoria , NY 11106 UNITED STATES

About NY Martial Arts Academy Astoria

Interested in martial arts training for yourself or your child? NY Martial Arts Academy in Astoria trains adults and children in the art, science and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do using the same principles developed by JKD founder, Bruce Lee. With a great staff and a convenient 5,000 sq. ft. location, our Astoria Martial Arts Academy is the perfect place to begin your journey in learning Jeet Kune Do.

Whether your goal is self-defense, physical fitness, overall health or peace of mind, training at NYMAA offers the complete martial arts experience of mind, body and spirit. Each week you will develop skills, strength, confidence, friendships and respect for your fellow martial artists. NYMAA offers adult classes, children’s programs, corporate and one-on-one personal training for a more personalized class.

The children’s program offered by NYMAA’s Astoria Martial Arts School surpasses any other in the area. We understand that children have many distractions readily available to take away from their potential in school, sports and in relationships; phones, video games and social media contribute to this and sometimes overshadow priorities like exercise and learning. At NYMAA’s Astoria Martial Arts School, we strive to increase your child’s focus, discipline, fitness and self-confidence. Our staff is committed to giving your child skills that last a lifetime, improving their self-confidence and overall well-being.

Our adult Jeet Kune Do programs are perfect for those who wish to learn self-defense, are bored of a typical gym routine, are stressed out or those who wish to live an overall fit lifestyle. We have trained over 10,000 students and have maintained our prestigious reputation by offering the personalized attention and constant interaction that our students deserve. We start each student’s training journey with the basic building blocks of Jeet Kune Do, helping them to progress every class.

We offer both small group and personalized one-on-one training, as we know that not everyone has the schedule flexibility or desire to perform in front of a group. We can accommodate any student and will work with every type of learner.

We teach our students the different aspects of JKD, incorporating mind, body and spirit into each class. With an excellent reputation and over 10,000 satisfied students, we are the key choice for martial arts in the Astoria area.



NY Martial Arts Academy Astoria NY Martial Arts Academy Astoria


NY Martial Arts Academy Astoria 718-278-1962
25-06 Broadway,
Astoria , NY 11106 UNITED STATES
NY Martial Arts Academy Astoria


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