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162 Rolling Valley Ln,
Butler , PA 16001 UNITED STATES

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Regardless of your income, the work denotes the cost. Ken Wagner Tree offers the same high standards and low costs on every job site. The finished product will be explained as well as provided by me.

You may be interested in completing some of the job yourself. However, we can usually complete the given work at an expense which makes doing it yourself impractical, given our equipment and experience. You may enjoy and have time for some aspects of the work. The magnitude and scope of the work entailed will be explained and priced in multiple fashions to suit your interests and intentions

We are well-versed with complex to simple work. We take care of things in the most efficient ways possible. We are constantly working on simplifying the work we enjoy so that we may directly pass along all of our competitiveness to our customers.

We take pride in our work and accomplishments, making sure the end result makes sense and is carried out as we would want it done on our own property.

We have a completely compliant safety program making our way the correct way to do work. I like to think the cost associated with challenging work is substantiated by handling risks rather than taking them.


*Removals – any tree, anywhere, as well as honest hazard assessments.
*Stump and root removal to a pre-discussed specification, keeping in mind what your plans are in the future on-site.
*Directional pruning to discourage growth in unwanted areas.
*Thinning and training: preventive maintenance that can be done correctly in conjunction with more pressing work (removals), as much as desired. We can offer you the satisfaction of getting in front of the work and protecting things you value.
*Dead wooding and cabling: addressing concerns with larger to mature trees – only as is sensible.
*Crown reduction: in cases where a tree's size can be limited or maintained.

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Ken Wagner Tree 412-614-9000
162 Rolling Valley Ln,
Butler , PA 16001 UNITED STATES
Ken Wagner Tree

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Ken Wagner Tree

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