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American Arbor Care

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2033 S Navajo St,
Denver , CO 80223 UNITED STATES

About American Arbor Care

Proudly Serving Denver Since 1995.

American Arbor Care, Inc. offers a full line of tree and lawn care services. Our mission is to provide outstanding service and superior workmanship, to keep your landscape safe, vigorous and attractive. We proudly serve the Denver, Colo. metro area.

American Arbor Care services include, but are not limited to:

• Pruning & removal of trees and shrubs
• Insect & disease management
• Deep root fertilization & watering
• Lawn fertilization
• Stump grinding
• Mulching of trees, planting beds
• Lawn seeding
• Socialights by American Arbor Care
• Planting of trees and shrubs

We are licensed, insured and have certified arborists on staff. Our services are environmentally friendly and we have over 30 years of experience.

Consultations and appraisals are available.

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American Arbor Care 303-639-8584
2033 S Navajo St,
Denver , CO 80223 UNITED STATES
American Arbor Care

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American Arbor Care

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