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300 Arthur Godfrey Rd, Suite 205
Miami Beach , FL 33140 UNITED STATES

About Matz Physical Therapy

Matz Physical Therapy: Movement & Therapy Zone, has been in business since 1989.

Balance Program:
Our innovative Balance Program begins with a 14-step evaluation based primarily on the Berg Balance Scale. We also perform a general strength assessment, then implement a scientifically-based series of exercises aimed at improving overall balance and strength, and normalizing gait.

Manual Therapy:
At the foundation of the Matz system is manual therapy. Alex stands by the belief that the best healing techniques for injury and pain is the use of manual therapy with the hands.
Manual Therapy includes:
Myofascial release
Soft tissue mobilization
Joint manipulation
Deep tissue
Sports massage

Back Rehab:
Our Total Back Care Program begins with a complete history, evaluation, and custom designed program with the goal of:
Strengthening back and abdominal muscle
Improving flexibility and teaching proper stretching
Learning good postural habits
Identifying the DOs and Dont's of lifting
Reducing pain and achieving and overall feeling of more agility

Medical Exercise Program:
This program is designed for people who have recently completed a therapy treatment, or just want to have a personal trainer who is an expert in injury prevention.
The ME&C Program is:
Unique and innovative
Therapist designed and supervised

Pilates Rehabilitation:
We are proud to offer this innovative approach to Pilates technology - the Pilates Rehabilitation Program. Pilates is based on the important principles of breathing, alignment, spine lengthening, and movement coordination and control. We have used these principles in our injury prevention and injury recovery programs with incredible effectiveness.

Sports Therapy:
Our Sports Medicine/Orthopedic Program offers the newest scientific intervention for the treatment of common diagnoses:
Upper Body: shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, acute injuries, tendons,
sports, post surgery
Lower Bo


Matz Physical Therapy 305-672-0614
300 Arthur Godfrey Rd, Suite 205
Miami Beach , FL 33140 UNITED STATES
Matz Physical Therapy

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Matz Physical Therapy

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