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Arroyotransportation LLC

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10407 Rocking a run,
Orlando , FL 32825 UNITED STATES

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In 2007, Felix moved to Central Florida from New York City, where he gained his experience in the transportation industry for over a decade. After visiting Florida, prior to his move, he recognized the lack of services available to customers such as himself. He arrived to the Orlando area with the goal of one day establishing his own transportation company to fill the gap and provide those services needed to tourists and locals alike.
He spent some time working with other companies to familiarize himself with the Central Florida Region. But the desire of pursuing his goal and dream of establishing a family run business pushed him to take a leap of faith and branch out on his own. That was the beginning of Arroyo Transportation.
Since 2011, Arroyo Transportation has been providing services to businesses and families from all over the globe as well as those here locally. Our goal has always been and continues to be, to provide the most pleasurable service to our customers while visiting Central Florida at the most affordable prices. To provide not just a service but also to create a relationship. As the founder of the company, Felix and his drivers take pride in their positive attitude and problem solving abilities to ease their customers concerns.
Other companies make it incredibly hard to obtain quotes and prices, including taxes, surcharges, tolls, gas, parking, and other factors. At times it can also be difficult to get straight answers out of some of these companies when talking to them on the phone, let alone using online reservation or quoting systems.
Give us the opportunity to serve you during your visit to the greater Orlando area and we will do our very best to provide the services you deserve.


Arroyotransportation LLC 407-275-6500
10407 Rocking a run,
Orlando , FL 32825 UNITED STATES
Arroyotransportation LLC

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Arroyotransportation LLC

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