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NY Best Kickboxing

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247 W 35th Street, 2nd floor
New York , NY 10001 UNITED STATES

About NY Best Kickboxing

Our New York City facility is clean, and up to date. Our instructors are passionate and knowledgeable. They're dedicated to providing you with the most fun, most supportive and encouraging environment possible. After all, learning something new comes with its fun, and with its frustration. Our instructors are here to share the profound joy of martial arts with you, and to support you through the trying times where things may get difficult.

But it's this process of doing your best, pushing through obstacles, setting goals, and reaching them that makes your confidence soar. Our students often tell us that after a few weeks of our NY training, they find themselves naturally taking more risks, being more active and social, and just living a more vibrant life. And it adds a calming ease of mind to know that you can handle yourself should a dangerous situation arise.

In short, all of us here at NY San Da would love to bring martial arts into your life, so you can experience the incredible benefits for body, soul and mind.

If you live in the following areas: Midtown, Garment District, Penn Station area, Murray Hill, Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea, Midtown, Queens, Brooklyn, Weehaken, Hoboken, Astoria or Union City, you are close enough to come train with us!


NY Best Kickboxing 212-239-8619
247 W 35th Street, 2nd floor
New York , NY 10001 UNITED STATES
NY Best Kickboxing

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NY Best Kickboxing

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