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About Easy-Run Engine Test Stands

Easy-Run is a universal, portable engine test stand. It is collapsible for easy storage yet re-assembles for use in minutes. The Easy-Run is used for engine testing, camshaft break-in, leak detection, start-up tuning, race engine adjustments, and the startup and testing of used or rebuilt engines. Easy-Run lets you complete most external repairs without removing the engine from the engine stand. The Easy-Run easily adapts to Fuel Injected Engines, Supercharged and Turbo-charged Engines. Easy-Run clients have tested engines producing over 1000 horsepower with excellent engine stand stability while providing excellent mobility. Each Easy-Run stands uses four, 6” Polyurethane radial design casters, (rated @ 3200 lbs. capacity) as standard equipment.

Easy-Run makes it easy to test-run and heat-cycle engines as many times as necessary to seat gaskets and seals, test for leaks and perform adjustments as needed.

Easy Run understands that you are about to make a very important investment. Our creditability is important. We want you to trust and believe in your investment. The Easy-Run stand has established itself as the Leader in the engine test stand Industry.

Hot Rod Magazine needed a universal, collapsible engine run test stand for use with their project cars and engine builds. After visiting with us at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, they called Easy-Run for one of our Professional Series units. They were sold! The Easy Run stand was exactly what they needed to efficiently complete their testing at the Hot Rod and Car Craft Magazine Garage.

Hot Rod Magazine, April of 2009; “What really impressed us was the quality construction from end to end, from the welds to the wiring, its top shelf. Designed for the Professional Shop but also user friendly for the home builder and adjust from a Flat Head to a Full Blown Hemi”. See our Testimonial Page or Hot Rod Magazine for more reviews.

The Easy-Run does what the other test stands can't do! That’s a bold statement, so we will let you be the judge. Compare the Features and Advantages on our product pages and on the attached Comparison Chart. Easy-Run’s patent- pending design easily accepts American and Foreign-made engines with its universal engine mount system and frame design. Our fully adjustable design accepts most 4, 6, and 8-cylinder engines. Easy-Run also offers an adapter kit that allows you to mount your automatic transmission and engine on the Easy-Run for complete testing.

The Easy-Run stand will also adapt to some portable engine dyno console units with water brakes as tested by Professional Products in Corona, Ca. They use the Go-Power system.

Easy-Run easily adapts to: Automotive Engines, Boat Racing Engines, Street Rod Shop and Muscle Car Restoration shop applications, as well as Small Air Craft Engines, Engine Rebuilding facility requirements, Industrial applications, Show Room Displays for engines and dress up components. Take your Easy-Run to car shows, vendor events and swap meets to help sell or display you’re running engine and show off your components with a Professional Presentation. Your space should be the one that gets all the attention!

Easy-Run’s Engine Test Stands are well designed for performance, stability and quality. They are extremely versatile and can easily adapt to the engine it needs to hold. The idea for an engine stand stemmed from the need to test, run new engines, find oil leaks, and perform simple tune ups prior to installing the engine. This need turned into a successful and dependable business called Easy-Run Engine Test Stands.

From someone who is working to restore a single car in his garage to the large automotive corporations who build thousands of cars, Easy-Run Engine Test Stands are for everyone. This useful piece of equipment will save you time as well as increase efficiency.

Our products include engine test stands, mounts and accessories, fuel, cooling, and electrical systems and more. With years of experience in the engine test stand industry, Easy-Run’s Engine Test Stands has continued to engineer products that make the job or hobby of an automotive enthusiast a little bit easier.

Whether you need to test automotive engines, small air craft engines, boat racing engines, or other types of American motors or foreign motors, you can rest assured that our motor test stands will have the quality and dependability you are looking for. An engine diagnostic test stand from Easy-Run’s will allow you to detect any issues with a motor outside of a vehicle. Our Engine run stands are customizable based on the engine you are working on. Please browse our website to learn more about our products. We are available for product information and technical support at 1-800-780-0634.

Remember: Easy-Run provides quality and Customer Satisfaction so YOU can do the same!


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7111 Arlington Ave, Unit C
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Easy-Run Engine Test Stands

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Easy-Run Engine Test Stands

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