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5 Sicomac Road, Suite 124
North Haledon , NJ 07508 UNITED STATES

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High Mountain Graphics, located in Northern New Jersey, specializes in Eco-Friendly Offset Printing and Digital Printing on FSC certified recycled paper using Soy ink and non-toxic organic toner. Growing concerns with the environment have prompted us to do our part and act responsibly as a company. By adopting green practices and guidelines we minimize impact on the environment and retain maximum quality and value for the client.

By choosing FSC/SFI Certified, 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW), Processed Chlorine Free (PCF), recycled paper, along with vegetable based soy ink (manufactured locally) and low VOC solvents, we're truly doing more with less. Using paper and ink with these certifications is a testimony of our commitment to provide intelligent choices for our clients while promoting environmentally friendly practices for sustainability.

When it comes to experience, we have mountains of it. Our unquenchable and passionate drive allows us to research continuously, seeking out solutions that meet and exceed our client’s marketing and business objectives. We pride ourselves on being the complete source for all of your graphic and printing needs. Choosing to work with High Mountain Graphics means partnering with a reliable company that is environmentally responsible.


High Mountain Graphics 973-427-5820
5 Sicomac Road, Suite 124
North Haledon , NJ 07508 UNITED STATES
High Mountain Graphics

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