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1309 Adams Street,
St. Clair , MI 48079 UNITED STATES

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PV Solar Panels - Inverters - Racking Systems
Engineered layouts on roofing and ground mount systems

If you're that do-it-yourself person and you would like to save yourself a substantial amount of money, then Solar Kit Direct has a complete kit for your residential or commercial applications. These kits allow our customers to not only get a very low price for their PV Solar System, but they can start earning their investment back from the very first day of their purchase. There are other incentives that can apply as selling power back to your current electrical supplier. Here is a chance to make your electrical meter spin backwards, which will give you a credit on your monthly electrical bill.

Solar Kit Direct is proud to have partnered with some of the leading manufactures that are in the forefront of the alternative energy industry. All our products are manufactured in North America and carry certifications in local content. Solar Kit Direct products are backed by a ten and twenty-five year warranty. Solar Kit Direct will always look out for the customer and put their needs first.

Why should you keep paying for your electricity every month, when you can be earning money each and every month for the next 25+ years!

We can help our local Michigan customers with Solar Systems.

Call today at 1-888-408-4347 and ask how Solar Kit Direct can help you.


Solar Kit Direct 888-408-4347
1309 Adams Street,
St. Clair , MI 48079 UNITED STATES
Solar Kit Direct

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Solar Kit Direct

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