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2480 Bristol Circle,
Oakville , ON L6H5S1 CANADA

About Wood Sense Interiors Inc

Wood Sense Interiors is a unique one of a kind gallery serving clients since 1998. We are direct importers of unique solid wood exotic furniture, lighting, couches, accent chairs, one of a kind vanities, sculptures, artifacts and antiques from India and the exotic Far East.

Our exotic range includes everything from beds, entertainment units, armories, consoles, TV stands, old door coffee and dining tables, buffets, bar cabinets, mirror frames, gazebos and archways etc. Our modern range includes linen upholstered beds, dining chairs, accent chairs, lounges and couches too. We blend these unique pieces with a host of interior decorative artifacts, glass and metal lamps, and a wide range of home furnishing and accessories.

The Sheesham product range - new and reclaimed, is made in India and are manufactured in the historical province of Rajasthan - Land Of Kingdoms! Our reclaimed range of furniture uses old seasoned teak wood from over hundred year’s old buildings, Villas and Havelis. Wood planks from old ships and sleeper wood too are restored into marvelous pieces. Not only the wood, we also incorporate old antique doors, windows, ceiling tiles and creatively recreate them in various unique dining tables, coffee tables and even one of kind vanities amongst many others….

At Wood Sense Interiors, we take you back in time with our exotic palatial doors, windows, pillars and arches, each of which has its own story to tell.

Enrich your senses by visiting Wood Sense Interiors at our new 16000 sq. ft. Retail and Warehouse location. Bring durability, history and elegance to your home by acquiring our everlasting aesthetic pieces.


Wood Sense Interiors Inc 905-829-0556
2480 Bristol Circle,
Oakville , ON L6H5S1 CANADA
Wood Sense Interiors Inc

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Wood Sense Interiors Inc

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