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2 Fisherman Dr,
Brampton , ON L7A 1B5 CANADA

About Songbirds Montessori School

Welcome To Songbirds Montessori School

The Songbirds Montessori School is committed to the promotion and delivery of quality childcare. Our services enrich children’s learning experience, provide support to families and respond to community needs. To maximize the benefits of the entire Montessori experience, we encourage parents to commit to the three years program because by the third year the child reaps the benefits of the time spent and the efforts put in during the first two years.

With our Montessori approach - children can succeed everyday!

•The fostering of curiosity and excitement in learning, Inspired by free choice.
•To encourage the development of “self-confidence” and “an optimistic approach to life”. Balance of freedom & responsibility.
•To help develop independence and good decision- making skills.
•To encourage growth in all areas of language.
•To offer age appropriate learning experience in literacy, numeracy, nature studies and science through the Montessori method.
•To enhance the child’s ability to listen and participate in individual and group situations.
•To support parents in their goals to raise healthy, well adjusted children.
•To promote respect for individual differences.
•Most important - Our teachers learn from our kids everyday.

"The most important years for learning are from birth to age six."
Dr. Maria Montessori


Songbirds Montessori School 905-846-4044
2 Fisherman Dr,
Brampton , ON L7A 1B5 CANADA
Songbirds Montessori School

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Songbirds Montessori School
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Songbirds Montessori School

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