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4467 Farmer's Way,
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About Brighter Vistas Counselling Services

Christine Vestervelt is the only professional female therapist in Ottawa that has a dual specialization at the graduate level consisting of an MA in Psychology and an MA in Counselling (including both Individual and Couples Therapy). This means that she provides advanced specialized therapy that goes beyond what a counsellor or psychologist may be able to offer, as knowledge from the fields of psychology and counselling are integrated, resulting in a very understanding, knowledgeable, and effective approach. She has been successfully working with a number of different presenting problems over the past 13 years (see website for areas of specialty, testimonials, articles, and upcoming group events!).

Christine is currently accepting new clients at Brighter Vistas Counselling Services. Services offered include individual, couples/marriage, family and premarital counselling, pastoral or spiritual counselling, as well as dating, relationship, and life coaching. As well, there will be ongoing interactive group events.

Or if you are looking for a guest speaker or referral resource for your congregation, employees, clients, patients, group or association, etc., in any of the listed areas of specialty, or are interested in learning more about her particular services, please get in contact.

Christine Vestervelt
M.A. (Psych.), M.A. (Past. St.)
Professional Clinical Psychotherapist
Canadian Certified Counsellor
Dating, Relationship, & Life Coach
Pastoral Counsellor


Brighter Vistas Counselling Services 613-837-9877
4467 Farmer's Way,
Ottawa , ON K0A 1K0 CANADA
Brighter Vistas Counselling Services

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Brighter Vistas Counselling Services

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