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Tattoos and Piercing in Piqua, OH

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  • Tattoo Sleeve Art
  • Tattoo Back Art
  • Airbrush Art
  • Tattoo Portrait Art
  • Color Tattoo Art
  • Black Gray Tattoo


120 W Water St Rt 36,
Piqua , OH 45356 UNITED STATES

About Extreme Tattoo

In April 1996, Extreme Tattoo opened with one room and four tattoo artists. For more than 20 years, we have grown in size and clientele to where we are today with our educated, mature, and talented staff. When you get a tattoo with us you get a clean, hygienic, and well organized environment. Our artists always put your health, safety, sanitation, and your interests and desires first. Stop by our shop to meet our family and let us design a custom piece of art that will fit and compliment your body. You should be proud to wear your tattoo forever. We offer a wide range of custom tattoos, including high quality portraits, tribal designs, and colorful art. We have been published in magazines since 1999.We are certified in proper sterilization procedures, principals of infections controls, bloodborne pathogens, anatomy of a wound, first aid and CPR.Extreme Tattoo has been providing superior services since 1996. Our tattoos are the highest quality in Piqua and we always put your ideas and safety first.Our talented artists have years of experience working on many different tattoos from sleeves, to back art, to black and white portraits. Give us a call to get started today.Whether you have no tattoos or you're finishing up your second sleeve, we do everything possible to give you the respect and quality you deserve. The artists at this shop are the best!! I love you all and will never go anywhere else to get inked!! Give us a call to set up an appointment with us today and get started on your back piece. Our artists enjoy working on complex back pieces.I began tattooing in November '94, and have owned Extreme since 1996. I specialize in portraiture, black and grey, and award-winning tribal. I enjoy airbrushing, and work on a number of custom and commissioned projects. If I'm not tattooing I can be found riding or working on my motorcycle. I also greatly enjoy the outdoors, but am known to wreck my ankle when I spend too much time camping and hiking.Our professional artists at Extreme are dedicated to their art. Take a look at some of the art that Steve O and Katie do. They have years of experience working at our studio.


Extreme Tattoo


Extreme Tattoo 937-778-1055
120 W Water St Rt 36,
Piqua , OH 45356 UNITED STATES
Extreme Tattoo

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Extreme Tattoo
Tattoos and Piercing
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Extreme Tattoo

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