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2400 S Memorial Dr,
New Castle , IN 47362 UNITED STATES

About Sproles Family Funeral Home

Sproles Family Funeral Home provides families with a peaceful, intimate setting where they can find renewal, closure, and togetherness with loved ones. The funeral home staff has been supporting the local community since 2006, offering unique services for every family. When people reach out for funeral planning support, they are facing some of the most difficult times in life. The funeral director and team respond with expertise, calmness, and kindness to provide the unique services each family needs.

Families can expect a full-service approach when working with Sproles Family Funeral Home. Traditional funeral services can be coordinated, including casket selection, headstone monument design, graveside services, and all other details needed for a formal service. Another option is to schedule a memorial ceremony or life celebration, depending on the way the family would like to honor the deceased.

A variety of non-traditional services are offered, such as direct cremations, cremation with memorial service, eco-friendly green funerals, pet services, pet cremation, and more. Families can talk to a funeral director about their desires and preferences. Then, the funeral home staff works hard to coordinate an event to match these specific details. Sproles Family Funeral Home maintains a commitment to providing outstanding funeral care while maintaining reasonable funeral costs. Families can expect the most value for the money spent.

Since the business was opened, they have provided a personalized approach for all events. The funeral home staff believes that end-of-life services are more than just grieving and mourning; it is a time to reflect and appreciate a life well-lived. Some families even choose to celebrate their memories. The experienced funeral planning team is dedicated to sharing, honoring, and preserving the stories from the life of a person.

This funeral home is located in New Castle, IN and also serves many of the surrounding cities and communities: Mooreland, Mt. Summit, Spiceland, Springport, and more. Contact Sproles Family Funeral Home for prompt service, including preplanning support and immediate care. The funeral home is located at 2400 S Memorial Dr, New Castle, IN 47362. Call to book an appointment with the experienced funeral director: (765) 521-2400.


Sproles Family Funeral Home 765-521-2400
2400 S Memorial Dr,
New Castle , IN 47362 UNITED STATES
Sproles Family Funeral Home

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Sproles Family Funeral Home

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