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Nurse Assist Incorporated

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4409 Haltom Rd,
Haltom City , TX 76117 UNITED STATES

About Nurse Assist Incorporated

Nurse Assist manufactures medical devices for institutionalized patients and residents. The company offers bed and chair sensors, nurse call interfaces. It features Welcon enternal feeding, urology, respiratory and sterile supplies. Nurse Assist also supplies irrigation syringes, kits and trays, disposable gravity sets, saline and catheter care products. The company produces the Quantum Interconnect brand of high frequency electrosurgical cables and hospital-grade power cords. Its product line includes the RN+ FALLWatch, Isensor and BedTender models. Nurse Assist has operated for more than 10 years and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The company is Food and Drug Administration registered. ISO: 13485


Nurse Assist Incorporated 817-231-1300
4409 Haltom Rd,
Haltom City , TX 76117 UNITED STATES
Nurse Assist Incorporated

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Nurse Assist Incorporated
Health and Medical
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medical device manufacturer,  usp sterile solutions,  fall management solutions urology products
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Nurse Assist Incorporated

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