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3700 S Water St, Ste 100,
Pittsburgh , PA 15203 UNITED STATES

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Prudential Realty Company, one of the nation's oldest family-owned real estate firms, is now in its fourth generation serving the financial community. Our philosophy represents our hallmark of quality, integrity, strength, and stability in the commercial market place. It is the application of this philosophy that has earned Prudential Realty its many enduring client relationships. We believe that we possess a depth of experience and a talent for innovation which guarantee exceptional service to our clients; we understand their needs; and we are able to respond to those needs with customized solutions.Based in Pittsburgh PA, Prudential Realty Company provides a wide range of real estate services:
.Apartment and Condominium Management including a variety of University Housing options.
.Commercial Property Sales and Management
.Commercial Property Development and Construction


Prudential Realty 412-261-6500
3700 S Water St, Ste 100,
Pittsburgh , PA 15203 UNITED STATES
Prudential Realty

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Prudential Realty

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