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1002 Runaway Dr,
Pennsburg , PA 18073 UNITED STATES

About Runaway Farm Pet Hospital

Our goal is to provide the highest quality full service veterinary facility available for your pets at a reasonable cost to you.

When you call with a problem you will find our staff knowledgeable and caring. If you need an appointment you can choose from our convenient morning, late afternoon, evening, and Saturday hours.

We will take the time to care! By scheduling 30 minute appointments for your visit you will experience less waiting and you won't feel rushed. We will have the time to discuss all aspects of your pets care and thoroughly answer your questions, thereby accomplishing our most important job which is educating you. Through proper education, you will be able to keep your pet healthy, happy, and long-lived.

With each visit you will receive complete home care instructions to help anticipate problems and remind you what treatment is necessary. If your pet was seen for a problem or in for surgery, you will receive routine calls to check on your pet's progress.To help you remember routine services, such as yearly vaccinations and check-ups to monthly heartworm preventives, we will mail you a reminder letter.

Call us whenever the need arises, we are available to take your call seven days a week. If you call outside our business hours, you will receive an automated answering system that will assist you, or you can leave a message and we will return your call.

We look forward to meeting you and serving your beloved family members.


Runaway Farm Pet Hospital 215-679-6219
1002 Runaway Dr,
Pennsburg , PA 18073 UNITED STATES
Runaway Farm Pet Hospital

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Runaway Farm Pet Hospital
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Runaway Farm Pet Hospital

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