Westside's Little Shop

Westside's Little Shop

Flowers & Gifts in Cheviot, OH

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3772 Frances Avenue , Suite 2
Cheviot , OH 45211 UNITED STATES

About Westside's Little Shop

Westside's Little Shop is a One Stop Full Line Retail Established in Western Cincinnati in 2007. Westside's Little Carries a Large Variety of Items and New Arrivals Come in Each Week.

Owned and Operated by Paul Luechauer Since 2007. Paul Has Grown and Raised in Cheviot Ohio.

65% of the Products are Produced by Hand in the United States and Shipped From Our Well Maintained, Modern Facility in Cheviot. To Better Serve a Wider Area of Customers a Second Warehouse is Located in California. So We Can Treat You Like a Customer and a Person that Most Big Box Companies Have Lost Touch with If We Have Your Birthday and Anniversary Date of When You Became Either a Dating or Married Couple. We Will Send You Special Present for Free for Each Year You are Still a Couple to Celebrate that Special Day and On Your Birthday We Will Include a Present and a A Discount Coupon Off Based on Your Age for Example If You Are 35 Years Old We Will Make the Coupon for 35% Off Any Order. Westside's Little Shop ""is Here to "Make" You or Someone Happy.


Westside's Little Shop 513-512-1331
3772 Frances Avenue , Suite 2
Cheviot , OH 45211 UNITED STATES
Westside's Little Shop

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Westside's Little Shop

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