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6825 Flanders Dr,
San Diego , CA 92121 UNITED STATES

About Einstein Law

Einstein Law has been developing successful Internet marketing strategies for lawyers since 1998. The launch of LawyerShop.com marked the birth of our first product specifically designed for online legal practice marketing, and from then until now, Einstein Law has been creating new and exciting Internet marketing avenues for attorneys and the personal injury law firms they manage.

Einstein Law has come to recognize the diverse needs of its clients and has expanded its product line to address those needs. We are proud to offer you a line of Internet products and services that can be purchased à la carte or used in combination to create full-spectrum online marketing campaigns of any size that fit any budget.

Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing
LawyerShop Directory
Exceptional Websites
Video Production

If you would like further information about any of our products or services, please contact Einstein Law today.


Einstein Law 858-362-5688
6825 Flanders Dr,
San Diego , CA 92121 UNITED STATES
Einstein Law

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