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Moriches Caterers

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174 Main Street,
Center Moriches , NY 11934 UNITED STATES

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Moriches Caterers is Family owned and operated business that only does a limited amount of events per day so the owners Carmen and Anthony Dagostino can give their clients the special attention they deserve. At Moriches Caterers we have perfected the art and science of menu planning, consultation, event planning, decorating, professional services and, most of all,
the creation and presentation of food that your guests won't soon forget. Drawing on over 20 years of experience, we have the resources, talent and expertise to tailor menus and food presentation along with our event design so that your event reflects your style, your vision - your dream.


Moriches Caterers 631-874-0995
174 Main Street,
Center Moriches , NY 11934 UNITED STATES
Moriches Caterers

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Moriches Caterers
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Moriches Caterers

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