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372 E Westfield Ave,
Roselle Park , NJ 07204 UNITED STATES

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Sarino Auto Body specializes in vehicle collision repair, dents, dings and painting services. We've been in business for 15 years, and have all the expertise to get you back on the road happy! Let's face it, accidents happen, and when they do, Sarino Auto Body will be there to handle all your paint and body work needs. Conveniently located at 372 East Westfield Avenue in Roselle Park, New Jersey, we'll have your vehicle looking like new before you even miss it! Proudly bringing you collision and auto glass service, paintless dent removal, detailing, accessories and much more, we are New Jersey's first-choice for all your collision and body repair needs. Whether you've been involved in a fender-bender or a major collision, we're at your service!

When you choose Sarino Auto Body fot collision and bodywork, you're saying yes to over 50 years of world-class service. Established in 1961, we serve our community best by respondingto their immediate needs with a sense of urgency, getting them on their way in no time. Our certified, well-trained and experienced staff handles everything from scratches and dents to major collision work! We are New Jersey's most trusted collision and body work company and that's because we live up to our promise; to deliver the best in service, quality and craftsmanship.

Address: 372 E. Westfield Ave. Roselle Park, New Jersey 07204
Phone: 908-241-3666
Fax: 908-241-1564


Sarino Auto Body 908-241-3666
372 E Westfield Ave,
Roselle Park , NJ 07204 UNITED STATES
Sarino Auto Body

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Sarino Auto Body

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