THE GYM of Englewood

THE GYM of Englewood

Gyms and Fitness in Englewood, NJ

Gyms and Fitness Fitness & Instruction Yoga & Pilates Classes

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20 Nordhoff Place,
Englewood , NJ 07631 UNITED STATES

About THE GYM of Englewood

THE GYM is a complete lifestyle and fitness center, designed to promote healthy living in a first class atmosphere. Its unique approach integrates specialized training programs with nutrition and weight management counseling for total body conditioning and optimal fitness. THE GYM is known for its superior quality equipment, expert staff and special amenities, including a juice bar, spa and child play area. The staff's attentive service and the facility's array of programs and services provide guests with a state-of-the-art experience.

Spice up your workout with one of our unique, fun and engaging classes in Englewood such as: Barre classes; Cycle seen- SPIN to music videos; Battle Stations- circuit class which combines strength and cardio; Bosu classes; H2row- rowing classes; Bag Blast-boxing on the bag combined with Bootcamp style drills.


THE GYM of Englewood 201-567-9399
20 Nordhoff Place,
Englewood , NJ 07631 UNITED STATES
THE GYM of Englewood

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THE GYM of Englewood
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THE GYM of Englewood

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