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992 Durham Rd,
Wake Forest , NC 27587 UNITED STATES

About Wake Forest Animal Hospital

We keep pets and their people happy.

Everyone at Wake Forest Animal Hospital loves what they do and it shows. You and your pet will leave with a smile (they can smile; we've seen them!).

Walk through our doors with your pet and you'll see what we mean. Our facility includes an in-house surgical care unit, grooming department, covered outdoor exercise area and a separate cat ward. But what is most important is the level of care that you can expect from a high quality animal hospital.

Our fully equipped surgical facility provides a sterile environment for both major and minor surgical procedures. Patient's vital signs are monitored with modern equipment designed for early detection of any possible abnormalities with their cardiac and respiratory systems. Only the safest, most up-to-date anesthetic protocols are used, thereby minimizing complications for your pet.

Providing proper dental care for your pet not only prevents tooth and gum diseases such as cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease, but also prevents other more serious diseases and problems that are often secondary to neglected dental hygiene. Our modern dental equipment enables us to perform teeth cleaning, polishing and extracting as well as oral surgery.

The in-house laboratory is capable of running a wide range of tests for immediate results, including blood cell counts, major organ system evaluations, heartworm and intestinal worm checks, complete urine analysis and tests for various infectious diseases. We also utilize a local veterinary reference laboratory for running a wide range of other tests and blood panels with a very short turnaround time for results. This enables us to provide more tests at a much lower price with a greater degree of accuracy.

We’ve taken steps to make our pet patrons more comfortable. Cat nerves are kept a little calmer in our separate cat ward, away from loud, barking dogs. We know that an unhappy cat makes for an unhappy owner.
The pooches appreciate our c...


Wake Forest Animal Hospital 919-562-9040
992 Durham Rd,
Wake Forest , NC 27587 UNITED STATES
Wake Forest Animal Hospital

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Wake Forest Animal Hospital

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