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Whites Physical Therapy

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1 Burlington Ave,
Wilmington , MA 01887 UNITED STATES

About Whites Physical Therapy

Family based practice focusing on improved function. White's Physical Therapy and BodyMechanix, LLC can offer the full spectrum of care from first responce to standard rehabilatation of multiple diagnosis, and beyond to include treatment of healthy and able bodied individuals interested in improving their own health and fitness.

Currently Director of Whites Physical Therapy & BodyMechanix, LLC. Doug earned a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Miami, School of Medicine in 1993 and received his Strength and Conditioning Certification after volunteering under Mike Boyle at Boston University Strength Gym in 1996.

Doug achieved certification as an athletic trainer in 1997 after volunteering at Harvard University and has been a member of the medical staff for The Boston Marathon for the past ten years as well as the U.S. Disabled Volleyball Team at the Tenth Paralympiad in Atlanta, GA in 1996.

Doug has also provided medical support and conditioning information for the US Disabled Volleyball and Ski Teams. Most recently, he was Sports Medicine Director for USA Skeleton at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, where his athletes won one Silver and two Gold Medals.


Whites Physical Therapy 978-355-7853
1 Burlington Ave,
Wilmington , MA 01887 UNITED STATES
Whites Physical Therapy

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Whites Physical Therapy

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