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~Shiatsu an Asian Bodywork Therapy~

Shi-atsu means finger pressure in Japanese. A treatment is delightful and deeply healing, western massage therapy focuses on the muscles, the muscles react to stimuli, such as stress, over-exertion.

Shiatsu focuses on the nerves that connect to the organs, in TCM, 'Traditional Chinese Medicine’, and the organs have channels along the body that relate to the organ, by treating any of the channels we are sedating or tonifying the person from deep within, outward.

So you see the muscles have to be involved locationally; or we couldn’t walk. add in factors such as stress, tension and the many daily issues that create pain, it is actually Qi that creates pain.

QI, circulates through the channels that gives us our spirit or vital force, the vital force can be considered the immune system, and Shiatsu is a much more powerful and healing form of Bodywork, than the usual relaxation or deep tissue massage.

A treatment consists of the recipient working on a shiatsu table or traditional style on the futon on the floor, and letting Kim’s
hands fingers forearms knee’s and feet (barefoot shiatsu done only on futon,) plan to feel rejuvenated for sure, but also to feel
your body, mind and spirit, whole.

Children with disabilities such as ASD, have needs that benefit tremendously from Shiatsu.

All parents are urged to learn some pressure points to benefit, please email us to schedule class times/schedules, please put classes in the subject line.

Class cost: $10 for one hour, by schedule.


Bodyworks 617-479-1030
29 Cottage Ave,
Quincy , MA 02169 UNITED STATES

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