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Yellow Jackets Gymnastics Club

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4b Lookout Lane,
Middleton , MA 01949 UNITED STATES

About Yellow Jackets Gymnastics Club

Yellow Jackets Gymnastics Club was founded in 1975 by Donald Lothrop. Through the years, Yellow Jackets gymnastics teams have excelled at States, Regionals and National competitions; placing high in both team and individual contests. Moving from the YMCA, to a Junior High School, and now into a 25,000 sq. ft. facility, Yellow Jackets is widely recognized as a leader in gymnastics instruction. In addition, Yellow Jackets' recreational program has set the gold standard in developing the minds and bodies of pre-school children through high school and beyond. Today, led by Olympic gymnast and coach, Peter Kormann, Yellow Jackets has become one of the premier programs in all of Massachusetts.

Our Programs: Operated and managed by Olympic medalist and Olympian Coach Peter Kormann, Yellow Jackets Gymnastics Club offers a myriad of programs designed to improve fitness through both children and adult classes. In addition to its first-rate gymnastics programs, Yellow Jackets offers (a) Gymjitsu, which incorporates the strength and coordination of gymnastics with the speed and concentration of martial arts; (b) a unique dance program in its beautiful new wood covered floor room dedicated to your little dancers; (c) outstanding cheer leading instruction; (d) Stunts and Skills/Parkour, a high intensity class geared towards children demanding particularly physical challenges; and (e) a plethora of pre-school programs designed to help develop the muscle tone, flexibility, and attitude to be used in either future gymnastics classes, or any other sport your child chooses to participate in the future. For schedules for these various programs please visit our website for our Middleton programs. Registration also available on our site!

Our Facility: Yellow Jacket's 25,000 sq. ft Middleton facility is one of the largest in Massachusetts. It is designed to accommodate girls, boys and adults in gymnastics and other physical activities such as cheerleading, tumbling, martia...


Yellow Jackets Gymnastics Club 978-774-7840
4b Lookout Lane,
Middleton , MA 01949 UNITED STATES
Yellow Jackets Gymnastics Club

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Yellow Jackets Gymnastics Club

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