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Daniel Merza

Counseling & Mental Health in Elizabeth Hills, NSW

Counseling & Mental Health Business Consulting and Services

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14 Corduroy Road,
Elizabeth Hills , NSW 2171 AUSTRALIA

About Daniel Merza

Daniel is an award-winning motivational speaker in Sydney, a certified virtual trainer, and author, specialising in wellbeing and leadership. Daniel has developed clever and fun ways to engage, empower and equip thousands of people worldwide – from students, parents, educators to corporate professionals and business entrepreneurs – to get the monkeys off their back and thrive.

Daniel loves to share regular tips and insights that inspire tenacity, optimism and empowerment in others to become the leader of their life and thrive. Equip your students, employees and leaders with the tools and strategies required to get the monkeys off their backs. They’ll learn real life skills including: how to manage stress, banish procrastination, build resilience, regain lost motivation and break through to laser focus, lifestyle balance and a winning mindset.


Daniel Merza 04 1462 0421
14 Corduroy Road,
Elizabeth Hills , NSW 2171 AUSTRALIA
Daniel Merza

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Daniel Merza
Counseling & Mental Health
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Daniel Merza

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