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7 Whyalla Cct,
Kelso , NSW 2795 AUSTRALIA

About Mid West Tractor Repairs

At Mid West Tractor Repairs, we specialise in maintaining all kinds of trucks, tractors and light vehicles. We also restore old machinery through our expert mechanics as well as deal with manufacturing parts, automotive forklifts, and farm equipment. 

We offer the best and finest services including; tractor servicing, truck repairs, brakes & clutch services, welding services, light vehicle repairs and restoring services.

Customer satisfaction is our chief priority. We believe in delivering premier customer service that will rival competitors and leave a lasting impression on every client.

Tractor servicing and repairs are in demand nowadays. Our heavy vehicles service mechanics are experts who will repair vehicles quickly. We provide heavy/light truck services which include repairs, painting, alignment of the chassis, brakes and suspension service as well as cooling system repairs and fabrication.

Truck servicing is the process of inspecting, repairing, and maintaining a truck. They offer top-class truck servicing for all truck models. Our qualified team is an expert in brake and clutch repairs, as well as general auto maintenance.

Mid West Tractor Repairs offers welding repairs for more comprehensive heavy-duty truck and tractor repairs. Our mechanics can repair trucks and tractors from a mud flap bracket to frames, extensions and ramps.

Mid West Tractor Repairs is located in Kelso and specialises in the manufacturing of farm and light vehicle parts. Our top-notch equipment knowledge combined with our highly qualified staff ensure that all of the products we create are premium quality.

We are able to repair all kinds of vehicles including light vehicles and heavy vehicles/tractors. Our experienced mechanic can restore the vehicles at a reasonable price. 


Mid West Tractor Repairs 02 6332 2745
7 Whyalla Cct,
Kelso , NSW 2795 AUSTRALIA
Mid West Tractor Repairs

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Mid West Tractor Repairs

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