Aglo Systems

Aglo Systems

Lamps and Light Fixtures in Dingley Village, Victoria

Lamps and Light Fixtures Home Remodeling

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8-10 Plane Tree Ave,
Dingley Village , Victoria 3172 AUSTRALIA

About Aglo Systems

Aglo Systems is a leading supplier of project lighting solutions, lighting design and custom manufactured architectural features within the Australian market.

Since 2004, we have built a solid reputation providing lighting solutions, with high-quality project lighting, custom lighting, technical expertise and personalised service.

Our team of growing in-house specialists in lighting design, industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, project management, procurement and sales lead the way to continually improve your lighting experience.

Products/Services: Commercial Lighting Design, Commercial Lighting Manufacture, Custom Lighting, Project Lighting


Aglo Systems 6113 006 01931
8-10 Plane Tree Ave,
Dingley Village , Victoria 3172 AUSTRALIA
Aglo Systems

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Aglo Systems
Lamps and Light Fixtures
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Aglo Systems

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