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Unit 19/3460 Pacific Hwy, Pacific Chambers
Springwood , QLD 4127 AUSTRALIA

About SEQ Skip Bin Hire

Based in Brisbane, SEQ Skip Bin Hire is of the famous names, offering domestic and industrial skip bin hire services in and around the Queensland Capital. The bins we offer are delivered as 6M³, and each bin has lines to show you 2M³, 3M³, 4M³, and 6M³ fill levels. This way our customers do not have to guess how many M³ they need. We have at our disposal, a fleet of highly advanced winch-controlled trucks, which are driven by drivers who are professional, customer-focused, and always arrive for any drop-off or pick-up on time. They are also experienced, professional, and courteous, with a vast knowledge of SE Queensland characteristics and topography. This knowledge helps them to travel to all SE Queensland destinations and always arrive on time, every time. We also have a BD manager, who will take your booking and coordinate the driver's schedule in line with customer expectations.

We also conduct Driver and Workplace Health & Safety Induction training courses, and these are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure continued compliance.

What makes our service so unique?

1. We are a fully insured company
2. All the drivers we have are licensed, highly trained, experienced, and professional
3. They have an in-depth knowledge of logbook requirements for Queensland road travel
4. They have an in-depth understanding of the internal and external Workplace Health and Safety issues and would strictly comply with the Australian standards
5. They are thoroughly trained on various issues related to driving and operating winch-controlled trucks.

Areas we serve:

We offer our bin hire service in Brisbane, Southside, Northside, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast. However, if you live outside a 35K radius, we may have to re-negotiate our costs.

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SEQ Skip Bin Hire 04 2045 8868
Unit 19/3460 Pacific Hwy, Pacific Chambers
Springwood , QLD 4127 AUSTRALIA
SEQ Skip Bin Hire

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SEQ Skip Bin Hire

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