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801 Woodland Avenue,
Millville , NJ 08332 UNITED STATES

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Replace Your Old Electrical Panel
Our electrical contractor can help you switch to a modern system in the Millville, NJ area
Your electrical panel plays an important role in sending electricity all across your home or business. As your panel gets older, the chances of it breaking down and causing you serious problems increases. Luckily, Ludlam Electric in Millville, NJ is here to help with our electrical panel services.

Our electrical contractor can completely replace your old electrical panel with a newer and more efficient model. You can also have us install a new meter or power cables if your current ones aren't working as they should.

Contact us today to learn more about our electrical services.


Ludlam Electric 609-536-5140
801 Woodland Avenue,
Millville , NJ 08332 UNITED STATES
Ludlam Electric

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Ludlam Electric

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