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90002, Los Angeles, California, USA,
Los Angeles , CA 90002 UNITED STATES

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ATM Machine Corp

When a person uses an ATM machine, a fee is paid, called a surcharge. The surcharge was implemented to provide the convenience of getting cash when and wherever one may need it.
Each year there are BILLIONS of ATM transactions for a fee. It's time for you to start making some money by providing convenience to your customers with an ATM Machine.

Why ATM Machine Corp over another ATM Company?
Locally owned & Operated; our service and response time is unmatched in the industry
Customer-Centric Approach; Our clients are are first priority 24/7
Bottomless ATM’s’ ATM Machine Corp monitors the ATMs 24/7; we will make sure your ATM never runs out of cash
Reliable ATM Machines- ATM Machine Corp, works with only the highest quality ATM’s and parts
Premium Installations- Regular ATM installations or custom ATM installations are all completed, in house, we will make your ATM exactly how you wish it to be.
ATM Machine Corp., is the leader for North American Automatic Teller Machine (“ATM”) related business. ATM Machine Corp. is unmatched in the industry in sectors such as:
I. ATM Vault Cash Program
ATM Machine Corp fills your ATM with our cash for you.
*WE DO NOT USE ARMORED TRUCKS. Anyone in the ATM business can testify that Armored carriers are not qualified and are not punctual enough to service local ATM cash needs. They are expensive and difficult to deal with.
ATM Machine Corp uses local fillers for a small per transaction fee to fill your ATM.
II. Sales
Purchase an ATM Machine from ATM Machine Corp, which can include installation and programming. Price match guarantee
III. Free ATM Placement
Place an ATM at your business for FREE and earn a percentage of the income, monthly. No Cost, No Risk, No Work.
IV. Rental’s
ATM Machine Rental’s permit you to have an ATM at your business and keep the surcharge without having to come up with the cost of buying an ATM.
V. Leasing
ATM Machine Corp’s leasing program permits business owners to lease an ATM at a fixed monthly payment and keep the surcharge, with an option to buy the ATM at the expiration of the lease period.
VI. Service & Support
ATM Machine Corp has 24 hour service & support for your ATM machine. ATM Machine Corp can have a local technician come fix the ATM if our service line can’t get it running fast.


ATM Machine Corp 888-580-7043
90002, Los Angeles, California, USA,
Los Angeles , CA 90002 UNITED STATES
ATM Machine Corp

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ATM Machine Corp
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ATM Machine Corp

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