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Dean – the friendly face and founder of Mclarens Surrey- walked away from corporate real estate, fuelled by the belief that there had to be a better way of doing things. A way that focused on family first values and a healthy working environment for the benefit of his team and the community they serve.

Over the last decade, Dean has created an independent estate agency built around breaking the industry mould.

Here, we do everything from the heart. Our clients aren’t just buyers and sellers; they are people who deserve the same care and attention as we grant our own families. Houses aren’t just properties, but someone’s home- and the only cliché we believe in is that there’s no place like it.

As we have grown, we have become more committed than ever to championing properties that are as unique as we are- matching buyers in Surrey beyond with their dream homes. We believe in empowering our team to use their skills and talents to help Mclarens Surrey grow. When you place your trust in us, we will pamper your home with professional styling, photography, and a bespoke brochure and sale board that highlights your home, not the agency.

Of course, there is so much more we would be to tell you about! Call today to arrange a consultation by meeting face to face in the comfort of your own home. Share your story with us and we’ll welcome you into our extended family.


Mclarens Surrey 01306 779429
86A South Street,
Mclarens Surrey

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Mclarens Surrey

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