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3545 Rose St,
Franklin Park , IL 60131 UNITED STATES

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Serving the Chicagoland area, our pain management clinic (formerly known as Franklin Park Chiropractic) offers our patients natural alternative methods of pain relief, physical therapy and rehabilitation. Together we can create a long-term, individual plan so each patient can achieve and maintain their overall physical wellness.

Specializing in spinal decompression for back pain and viscosupplementation therapy for Osteoarthritis of the knee, our treatments are both natural and non-surgical. Combining chiropractic, nutrition, rehabilitation, therapeutic techniques along with physical medicine, we can help eliminate the need for medications and invasive surgeries and utilize the body's natural healing powers.

Let us introduce you to the natural power of healing and realize your body's natural potential! Call us today to schedule an appointment and experience complete care for body, mind and spirit.


Performance Health Medical & Rehab 847-671-0555
3545 Rose St,
Franklin Park , IL 60131 UNITED STATES
Performance Health Medical & Rehab

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Performance Health Medical & Rehab

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