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1524-C Butterfield Road,
Downers Grove , IL 60515 UNITED STATES

About Laser Quest

Laser Quest is a family entertainment venue combining the classic games of hide-and-seek and tag with a high tech twist. Our multi-level arenas have specialty lighting, swirling fog, and energetic music to add to the excitement for up to 32 or more players in each game.
Laser Quest is ideal for corporate events, birthday parties for kids, teenagers and adults, day camps, youth groups and sports teams. Schools and other youth organizations can also experience “The Quest for Knowledge”, our educational programs focused on lasers and mazes and light and optics.

Laser Quest currently has 50 locations operating in Canada and the United States. With over 90 million games played since first opening our doors in 1992, we continue to grow with a focus towards excellent customer service.

Live Action Laser Tag at its best!


Laser Quest 630-705-0500
1524-C Butterfield Road,
Downers Grove , IL 60515 UNITED STATES
Laser Quest

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Laser Quest

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