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Emirates Towers Level 41 Shiekh Zayed Road P.O. Box 31303,

About Dale Ventures

Dale Ventures aims to bolster individuals and companies having the potential to develop the market in their area of specialization. We possess a big strategic network across the globe whereby we draw the resources, both financial and technical; to help companies.

We provide support to the companies so that they may increment their competitive edge by escalating into new markets and new products. Net increment in productivity results in strengthening the companies, which is our only reason for existence. We strongly believe that only by the robust growth-oriented model, a company could deliver returns in the long term.

We pride ourselves on our inherent ideals of value creation, vision, innovation, and integrity. We strive to work with the best of the providers and partners in their respective areas of specialization. We co-partner to provide valuable analytical and strategic resources to create and cultivate great companies. We have partnered with start-ups, turnarounds, and carved outs.

We look forward to having a great companionship with upright and ethical businesses, and they can expect the same from us.

Dale Ventures currently holds a remarkable portfolio of financial and business services, technology, media, real estate, consumer & retail, and telecom investments in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. We have a thorough experience in dealing with global technological ventures that sails us through intricacies of equity investing, financial options, and consultative input.

We are a diversified but integrated team operating from six in three regions of the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Dale Ventures envisions to create a robust portfolio comprising of those companies that have the right-fit, expertise, and planning.


Dale Ventures 971043132985
Emirates Towers Level 41 Shiekh Zayed Road P.O. Box 31303,
Dale Ventures

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Dale Ventures
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Dale Ventures

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