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223 Mill Rd,
Morgantown , PA 19543 UNITED STATES

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Nissley Feed has been in business since 1986. Prior to this time, the business originated with founder Ira Nissley in 1952. The feed store, then called "The Mill," was located on Route 23 in Morgantown. At that time custom mixing and grinding of feeds was offered together with minimal sales of bagged animal foods.
Upon Mr. Nissley's retirement in 1984, the company was sold to Phillips Feed Co. Operating only a short time out of the present building on Mill Road, it again became available for sale. Ira Nissley's son, Gerard, and Gerard's wife, Rhoda, then purchased the business in 1986. Due to large farms gradually disappearing and small hobby farmers becoming more prevalent, the store was reorganized for retail sales versus the original grinding and mixing services.

In 2002 an additional structure was added for sales of hardware and related items. At this time, the name was officially changed to Nissley Feed & Hardware as it is known today. Nissley Feed specializes in prompt, courteous, and informative service. By the time you have checked out, your merchandise will be in your vehicle!
Upon Gerard and Rhoda's retirement in 2012, their son Gary became owner/manager. Gary's son Alex and daughters Summer and Hannah have been active in the business as well. Gerard and Rhoda are delighted to have their son and grandchildren continuing to serve customers in the way that's always been accustomed. This, the fourth generation of Nissleys, is continuing great grandpa Ira Nissley's initial entrepreneurship.


Nissley Feed & Hardware 610-286-9029
223 Mill Rd,
Morgantown , PA 19543 UNITED STATES
Nissley Feed & Hardware

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Nissley Feed & Hardware

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