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What’s 2020Hats&Stuff About?
As I shopped for political custom hats, hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts online, all I found were MAGA hats and slogans that didn’t speak to me. Many had the names of candidates, but using my body to promote a political candidate, struck me as limiting. “Limiting” because I’m not sure where all the candidates stand; not all of them will be a national nominee; and the concerns I have as a U.S. citizen, simply can’t be expressed by wearing somebody’s name.

When I wear a sweatshirt or cap that says, “End Racism”, that’s what’s important to me and those words move me. Just like the other slogans on the site like, “Gun Safety-Hell Yes!”, or “I Love Whistle Blowers”, or “My Body-My Decision” or “We Vote-We Rise”, speak to me and millions of other people. I want to give voice in a very simple way, to the challenges that face all of us in our country today. It’s a small step, but it is an important step for folks to speak up and speak out.

Make a statement. Express yourself. It’s important!
That’s why 2020hats&stuff exists.
Shop today at 2020hatsnstuff.com!

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1814 Locust Grove Rd,
Silver Spring , MD 20910 UNITED STATES
2020 Hats N Stuff

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