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Miguel Orozco

Lawn & Garden Equipment in Sunnyvale, CA

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  • Sprinkler System Services
  • Lawn Care Services
  • Lawn Maintenance Services
  • Landscaping Maintenance Services
  • Sod Installation Services
  • Driveway Installation Services
  • Concrete Services
  • Paver Installation Services
  • Concrete Flatwork Services


Sunnyvale , CA 94089 UNITED STATES

About Miguel Orozco

Miguel Orozco provides reliable landscaping and irrigation services for owners of residential and commercial properties in Sunnyvale, CA and the surrounding areas. We bring 10 years of experience in the industry into each job we do. Our highly trained and skilled professionals know how to combine the best products with state of the art tools and equipment to provide great work. We don't turn customers away based on the size of their project. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for your peace of mind.

Our services include irrigation, sprinkler system installation, landscaping, lawn care, lawn maintenance, landscaping maintenance, sod installation, driveway installation, concrete installation, paver installation, and concrete flatwork. We're a locally owned and operated business that listens to our customers to know their needs so we can cater to them. We communicate well with clients and provide quality workmanship. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we're willing to take the extra mile for our customers. We offer free estimates and competitive pricing.

Call Miguel Orozco in Sunnyvale, CA now to tell our experts about your landscaping and construction services needs with our experts, to request a free estimate, to arrange an appointment with us as well as to find out more about all of our available services.


Miguel Orozco Miguel Orozco Miguel Orozco Miguel Orozco Miguel Orozco Miguel Orozco

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Miguel Orozco Miguel Orozco Miguel Orozco Miguel Orozco Miguel Orozco


Miguel Orozco 408-669-4860
937 Fairwood Avenue,
Sunnyvale , CA 94089 UNITED STATES
Miguel Orozco

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Miguel Orozco
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Miguel Orozco

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