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6774 Pine Valley Trace,
Stone Mountain , GA 30087 UNITED STATES

About Plant-Based Maids

Our house cleaning experts are ready to cleanse your home and property with a house cleaning spa retreat package.

If you are conscious about the health of your home and the environment, then Plant-Based Maids is the ideal solution.

Whether it’s a one-time cleaning, move in/out cleaning, seasonal cleaning, event cleaning and more, Plant-Based Maids offers a variety of cleaning services to accommodate your house cleaning needs. Plant-Based Maids service the Metro Atlanta area.

We provide first class services to accommodate your home and property needs and requirements ensuring that our cleaning experts exceed all expectations. Your health and safety always comes first! Hire Plant-Based Maids today!!


Plant-Based Maids 470-493-6578
6774 Pine Valley Trace,
Stone Mountain , GA 30087 UNITED STATES
Plant-Based Maids

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Plant-Based Maids
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Plant-Based Maids

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