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420 West Hanrahan Road,
Grifton , NC 28530 UNITED STATES

About Eastern Door & Dock, Inc.

When you need industrial-strength doors to keep your inventory and vehicles secure, you can always trust our products to have uncompromising strength and quality. At Eastern Door & Dock, Inc. we provide you with the best equipment our industry has to offer, all at competitive prices. When your doors aren’t up to snuff we’re ready to provide the perfect overhead door, garage door, and sectional door for your needs. Other services include:

Truck Dock Grifton, NC, 28530
Dock Seals Grifton, NC, 28530
High-Speed Fabric Doors Grifton, NC, 28530
Truck Restraints Grifton, NC, 28530

We only use the highest quality materials and trusted brands so you know you're in the best of hands. Call today to order your refrigeration doors, rolling steel doors, and sliding doors.


Eastern Door & Dock, Inc. 252-320-8557
420 West Hanrahan Road,
Grifton , NC 28530 UNITED STATES
Eastern Door & Dock, Inc.

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Eastern Door & Dock, Inc.
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Eastern Door & Dock, Inc.

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