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7486 E 47th St, Apt 86-4
Tulsa , OK 74145 UNITED STATES

About Febes Cleaning, LLC

Keeping your home and office clean is a full-time job. Leave the cleaning to us! Our strong customer service, efficient and professional work and reasonable pricing combine to put a smile on the faces of our customers in not only Tulsa, OK but throughout surrounding cities as well. Our services are always thorough and we only use the best cleaning products to make your rooms shine. We offer professional cleaning services, house cleaning services, and maid service. Other specialties include:

Cleaning Service Tulsa, OK 74145
Cleaning Company Tulsa, OK 74145
Home Cleaning Services Tulsa, OK 74145
House Cleaning Tulsa, OK 74145

Complete customer satisfaction is our goal, and this is how we’ve achieved our excellent reputation over the years. Get all the satisfaction of a clean home without the hassle! Call us to schedule housekeeping services, commercial cleaning services, and residential cleaning services.


Febes Cleaning, LLC 918-948-0429
7486 E 47th St, Apt 86-4
Tulsa , OK 74145 UNITED STATES
Febes Cleaning, LLC

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Febes Cleaning, LLC
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Febes Cleaning, LLC

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