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Hush Soundproofing
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298 Hewes Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States
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Hush Soundproofing Brooklyn
About Hush Soundproofing
We provide the highest quality soundproofing services available in New York City at a competitive price. Not only will you be getting the piece and quiet you deserve, you will also save on utilities and get an extra layer of protection from the 1 hour + fire rated materials used. We continue to provide excellent service to our clients, from 750 sf luxury apartments to 7000 sf homes. Offices, Retail, Bars, Restaurants... we can assist with any soundproofing issue you may have.

Every soundproofing scenario is unique, we consider all possibilities for sound transfer and apply our proven techniques with the necessary threshold catered to your particular soundproofing needs. Our suggestions for treatment are at a base level assessment for what we think is necessary for each room.

Frequencies that irritate us most reside between 150hz-5khz. 1khz-5khz irritating us most for reasons beyond our control, i.e. babies, Frequencies between 750hz-28kz will get significantly muffled by 1 layer of 5/8 in. sheetrock. Problems arise when there are holes in the sheetrock from recessed lighting, ductwork registers, light switches, etc. Low frequency vibration is the hardest to eliminate, we cannot guarantee 100% of your sound issues below 150hz will be resolved, 20% reduction at 50hz would be considered amazing work (Frequencies below 50hz are recognized as sound pressure, not necessarily audible to the human ear with the same treatment dropping mid range frequency of 400hz by 60%, 750hz by 80% and in most cases making anything above those frequencies completely inaudible. For the human ear, these levels of reduction are significant and will satisfy your expectations for a soundproof treatment.

A common ceiling soundproofing scenario would be a resting room level of 58 decibels, noise from above peaking at 90db with a constant noise level of 77db per min. If we decouple the ceiling, add mass, green glue, seal all cracks and gaps around pipes and electrical with acoustical caulking, we may achieve a constant noise level of 65db. This would be the equivalent to normal street noise, the difference being, the multiple layers of mass and insulation are reducing the irritating frequencies to humans by 80-100%. To end this story in laymen's terms, our treatments work, we make sure all of our clients are satisfied, we are in direct communication throughout the entire process.

Our mission is to help New Yorkers get the rest they deserve after working so hard to afford an apartment in this city. Whether you have sensitive hearing or not, coming home to your neighbors clunking around up there or loud music every night from 9pm till--, will not work for most of us who worked very hard to enjoy the things that we've earned. How does that sound? Thanks.
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