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Totten Training Systems

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  • Weightlifting Events
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  • Weightlifting Apparel
  • Weightlifting Coaching
  • Weightlifting Certifications
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654 Georgetown Road,
Littlestown , PA 17340 UNITED STATES

About Totten Training Systems

Created by renowned coach and educator, Leo Totten, the major focus of Totten Training Systems, LLC, is to provide the best in Olympic style lift training in conjunction with other modes of strength and power training for weightlifters and all athletes. Leo has worked with athletes and coaches from the high school level, to the collegiate level and even national and international level, working with individuals as well as teams. He is a well-known speaker and author who has a strong reputation in the strength and conditioning field. Totten Training Systems, LLC, offer certifications, clinics, consulting and personal training. Check out our offered Services for more information.


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Totten Training Systems


Totten Training Systems 717-345-6525
654 Georgetown Road,
Littlestown , PA 17340 UNITED STATES
Totten Training Systems

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Totten Training Systems

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