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81 Lake Breeze Park, Rochester, NY 14622,
Rochester , NY 14622 UNITED STATES

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Is your home infested with unwanted pests? Cole Pest Control in Rochester, NY, will be there in a jiffy to rid your home of the problem. Family owned and operated, this pest control company understands the importance of keeping your household safe. They’ve provided preventative services and exterminated annoyances plaguing area homes for over three decades.

These experts use residential and commercial-grade pest control treatments to ensure your property is free of insects and animals, such as rodents and roaches. They provide bee removal services, removing any active nests to eliminate the source. For ants and spiders, they’ll first investigate to see what type of insect or arachnid they’re dealing with, which helps them determine what technique to use to properly exterminate them.

Never worry about infestations again when you work with Cole Pest Control. Their friendly and experienced team completes each job in a timely manner, allowing you to get back to your daily routine as soon as possible. Call (585) 671-8863 or visit their website to learn more.


Cole Pest Control Cole Pest Control


Cole Pest Control 585-671-8863
81 Lake Breeze Park, Rochester, NY 14622,
Rochester , NY 14622 UNITED STATES
Cole Pest Control

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