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ASFALEIA (pronounced "as-fall'-ya" in Greek) means safety - something we all feel a need for these days. The news in the headlines, and the violence in communities all around us, is enough to make even the most trusting person take immediate action to protect themselves and their family.

At ASFALEIA, we stand with you in your desire to be proactive, so we created a line of self defense bags and backpacks that you can take with you anywhere, and they are made from high-quality, non-toxic materials. Whether you are going to the movies, out to eat, religious gatherings, schools, events, or just want our self defense products by your bed side, our bags and backpacks can protect you and your loved ones, giving you an extra level of protection and peace of mind knowing you have the ability to protect the ones you care about the most if trouble ever comes!

We offer designer & tactical, magnetic closure, ballistic armor, CCW bags and backpacks like none other that exist on the market today. Our bags and backpacks exhibit top-grade craftsmanship, they are discreetly designed (no zippers on the side that scream I have a weapon), so you are never a target of exaggerated attacks because a criminal knows you have a weapon.

But what’s really amazing is our products can save a persons life because our products have our patent pending, magnetic closure, CCW pockets that allow you to overcome the adrenaline effect (adrenaline effect - blood rushes to your core and leaves your extremities/fingers when your under attack causing partial loss of feeling, making it difficult to handle small objects or open zippers on the standard CCW bags in the industry), so you can quickly open the CCW pocket without fumbling over zippers, thus giving our customers the fastest draw in the industry! These Magnetic closures literally allow you to easily access your weapon much faster then the CCW bags with zippers, and you can do it without fumbling as its a nice clean simple pull. When time is so critical like it is when a person is attacking, you can’t afford to make any mistakes because a life is on the line. Our Magnetic Closures overcome this adrenaline effect solving a major problem in the industry!

Additionally, our products come with a specially designed patent pending pocket that securely hold ballistic armor panels in place, so you can use the bag or backpack as a shield to protect yourself if you're ever involved in an active shooter situation or other violent scenarios. No one can control everything around them. But, common sense and intelligent preventative measures can go a long way toward creating “ASFALEIA” for you and your family. “ASFALEIA”, every step of the way!


Asfaleia Designs, LLC 443-254-2096
5923 Kingston PIke , #183
Knoxville , TN 37919 UNITED STATES
Asfaleia Designs, LLC

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Asfaleia Designs, LLC

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