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Adirondack Dental Assisting School

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410 Rowland Street,
Ballston Spa , NY 12020 UNITED STATES

About Adirondack Dental Assisting School

What makes us different?
When students attend the Adirondack Dental Assisting Program, there are NO real patients in the office to distract from learning or teaching. Students practice on one another, allowing for concentration and a low-stress learning environment. Instructors are there for the sole purpose of teaching, NOT working. There are NO distractions and LESS stress. Students can feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from those mistakes without the added stress of working on actual patients.

We have caring, experienced instructors, a state of the art actual dental office, free tutoring, small classes, and one-on-one attention.

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Accepting ACCES-VR and NY State WIA Assistance!

Military Dependants Assistance is Available through the MyCAA Program

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We would like to encourage all interested students to come in and visit our school. We’re located in the technologically advanced dental office of Dr. Frederick Dreher. We are located at 410 Rowland Street, Ballston Spa, NY.

Adirondack Dental Assisting School, Inc. would like to introduce you to a new, innovative, and unique course in dental assisting. We offer a course that will give you the best basic foundational knowledge and skills necessary to start your new career with a minimum investment of time and money on your part! Click here to view to the current catalog


Adirondack Dental Assisting School 518-363-0008
410 Rowland Street,
Ballston Spa , NY 12020 UNITED STATES
Adirondack Dental Assisting School

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Adirondack Dental Assisting School

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