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Tallahassee , FL 32305 UNITED STATES

About EyeDope

EyeDope is an innovative luxury sunglass brand that was conceived and conceivd by entrepreneur and fashion aficionado Ron McCoy in 2015.
Ron has had an interest in fashion ever since he was a young teen. His foray into the sunglass business began during Christmas 2015 while watching Shark Tank re-runs with his family. After going to bed super-inspired, he woke up the next morning with a vision for a sunglass business called EyeDope.

For the next eighteen-months, Ron diligently researched the sunglass industry and sought out designs and manufacturers worldwide for the best visuals and shapes that he felt would best represent the aesthetic for the brand to live up to its iconic name – EyeDope! The line features a collection of globally inspired sunglasses (the that is a fusion of classic legacy and contemporary sophistication and style.

EyeDope acknowledges that its customers subscribe to the vision that, “living is a verb, not a noun.” They live an active lifestyle, are fashion and style enthusiasts, and in addition, are socially mindful. The goal is to deliver a line that is both functionally suitable and aesthetically pleasing. EyeDope desires to not just be a fashion accessory, but an essential part of the customer’s lifestyle and modern-day fashion expression.

In a world filled with negative sound bites and distressing stories, Ron’s vision is for EyeDope to be a leader in corporate responsibility by being a platform for our customers and other citizens of the world to engage with us to share and showcase their beautiful/transformative/exciting and uplifting pictures, news and experiences along with the hashtag - #dopemoment. Our corporate purpose is, "To ignite the global human spirit to recognize and share the beautiful, transformative, exciting, and uplifting moments in our daily lives with the hashtag #dopemoment."


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EyeDope EyeDope EyeDope


EyeDope 850-524-8882
3217 Wheatley Road,
Tallahassee , FL 32305 UNITED STATES

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Eye doctors & Optometrists
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